• News Release: 1/24/2022

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    January 24, 2022

    Bridgeway Video Puts Live Videos in eMails

    Let’s face it, people today hate to read a lot of text in emails to find out about your product, service
    or company.  And, they usually won’t click on a website link or any other link in emails to find out more.
    But LinkedIn research shows that most people who won’t read text messages will watch a video, especially
    a live one that’s right in front of them. 
    Bridgeway Video has recently developed a new technique to enhance the power of email marketing
    by embedding live video windows in emails.  These live video windows attract the attention of email recipients
    and get them to click on it to see the full video which can be 30 seconds to over a minute in length.
    For more information on live email videos, call: Peter Stephenson at: 386.873.2741
    Bridgeway Video
    Peter Stephenson
    Ofc: 386.873.2741
    Peter Stephenson, President
    pete@bridgewayvideo.com, (386) 873-2741
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